Blog Advertising – The Top 2 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

In this article we are going to take a quick look at some interesting ways you can make money from blog advertising. Most people only think of the obvious ways to add an easy income stream to their site, and that invariably is the ignominious GOOGLE ad! (and to a lesser extent, Yahoo Publisher contextual ads). The truth of the matter is that while this may be an easy entry way into making money with your blog, it certainly is not the most profitable. Read on as we explore some alternative strategies for generating revenue from your blog!

Your Very Own Billboard Business

Selling ad space on your own blog is FAR easier than most people realize, and I’m NOT talking about small time little exchanges in a vertical industry. If you’ve got a solid readership base, and good daily traffic, you can use FREE WordPress plugins to allow your visitors to buy, pay for and remit their copy to your server…all whilst you may be voting for your favorite American Idol contestant ruin another classic rock tune. These offer a GREAT solution for niche blogs like diet, health, MLM and many other similar markets, as professionals who may READ blogs, but not actively be involved in online marketplaces, can often afford PREMIUM prices to get their names out across small, but popular blogs. These are people that would gladly pay a few hundred bucks per small 125 pixel square ad. and if you have a good rotational system in place – you can truly turn each of these simple vertical blogs into a continuous stream of effortlessly easy cash!

Data Feeds are Your Friend

A data feed is simply a catalog in structured form. You can pull feeds from ALL of the large affiliate clearinghouses, which will offer you and your site visitors TONS of fresh content, pictures, prices and a one click solution for you to turn a simple WordPress blog into a maniacal, marketing monster that generates boatloads of eyeballs to your offer, but also gives your site credibility and a true “shopping” experience that mimics that of the parent company. In conjunction with your own unique content, and with aggressive article marketing, press releases, social networking strategies and more. you can make a veritable fortune with this “underground” strategy. and often in short order.

And STOP Looking for the Magical Solution Out “There”.

Focus on the magic within. You have it, I know you do. We ALL do. The one certitude online is this: Content is king. And creativity is coveted. Show you have lots of both in areas that you care most about, and people will beat down your door to revel in it. They do for me, and I guarantee the same for you as well. Life is short, and the journey of 1000 miles begins with one simple step. What are you waiting for?

Blog Advertising – Marketing Nerve Center

Blog Advertising is a very important part of Network Marketing. With the recent restrictions by the main player on the Internet “Google”, “Facebook” and of course “You Tube” it has become very clear why you need to be in charge of your online marketing tools/resources, and have a Blog your own Marketing Nerve Center, as advocated by Ann Sieg on the Renegade System. One may ask how exactly do I do this? To Demonstrate this Ann has teamed up with Ty Tribble in MLM Blog Secrets

MLM Blog Secrets is a click by click tutorial which shows you how to set up a blog as your “Marketing Nerve Center” going through the basic of choosing a URL to hosting your Blog and even how to updated it with good content. This is a a good starting place for any one who really wants to know how its done and hey who better to show us than Ty who has had the No1 MLM Blog for years!

If you are new to the internet and not particularly keen on doing it yourself well you may want to considered MyLeadSystemPRO. This is a complete Marketing System that generates leads and helps you manage your contacts or customers. At first glance it may appear daunting, there is however a very detailed video tutorial on how to set up the system and an option to have it done for you for a token fee.

How Blog Advertising Can Popularize Your Business

How will you optimize your blog on the search engines? I’m really not sure if you would consider using your blog as your marketing tool but if you’re like me, then a blog can be the right way of popularizing your business. I’m saying this because my views may not be the same as yours. Indeed the internet is wonderful, it has got many opportunities alongside content that is informative. If only you use it morally, then you’ll benefit from it in many ways.

Think about millions of computers that are connected via the World Wide Web and millions of people from all walks of life who are browsing the internet each day. Some of these people are desperately looking for particular information or products through the search engines. They want information or products that will solve their problems for once and for all. If only you do your research well and get to know exactly what they want and need, then you have got an opportunity. I mean there is an opportunity for you to make money online. So, how do you do this?

When you create your blog and use it to provide useful information, it won’t give you the results you anticipate if it is not found by the search engines. In order for surfers to find your blog, you need to optimize it on the search engines. Use search engine optimization techniques to optimize your blog.

Anytime someone uses the search engine to search for information, it is the SEO techniques that make it possible for that particular information to be found. Take for instance the individual who has a blog about Harry Potter. It is optimized if that person uses a popular term like Harry Potter or anything else related to that subject, the contents of that blog should use the keyword ‘Harry Potter.’

It is important for him to offer content that people are interested in regarding Harry Potter. It is true that when you do a search on the search engines, you’ll find exactly what you want and need. It is better if you use your own experience of searching for information on the search engines when you want to build your blog. Use Google AdWords to advertise your blog. Match the keywords people are using to search for information through the search engines with the content on your blog. Such keywords must be included in your advertisements.

Before advertising your blog, think about what works and what doesn’t. The effective advertising techniques should be used when it comes to blog advertising. By doing this, your blog will be the first one to pop up on the results found by the search engines whenever a specific keyword from your blog is used by anyone searching for information on the search engines.

Keep in mind that there are several techniques that you can use, but we all have to start somewhere and SEO is usually the best place to begin when it comes to marketing your blog. In the end, the more keywords you use on your blog, the easier it is to attract targeted traffic. Just remember that it takes some time, so you should be patient.

Blog and Blog Advertising

What is a blog? What is blog advertising? These are common questions that must arise when one enters internet marketing world. A blog is a kind of a website which is used for mainly knowledge sharing purpose. It can be maintained and updated by a single person or a group of persons. They use blogs as a medium through which they can easily share information about a particular category.

When one is new to the internet marketing world, one must be wondering how these blogs are going to be useful in website marketing. Let’s take an example, suppose a person has created a blog for CAD services. He posts messages or articles in that blog regarding CAD services. Now visitors who are interested in CAD services, will read the posts and according to their needs they reply to the posts. As a consequence, information is shared between two entities and thus assistance is provided in marketing success.

Now what are the benefits of blog advertising over website? These are some of those blog advertising advantages that differentiate blog advertising and website:

o Faster and easier way for knowledge sharing

o Easy to maintain posts as they are immediately published

o Lesser expensive than websites (No domain registration charges)
For creating your own blog, some of the highly recommended sites are as follow:





After creating blog, it is recommended to ping your blog in famous blog ping sites. One can always update a blog and submit in blog directories in order to remain in market. Advertising can also be done through blogs.

For advertising purpose, one of the best options is banners. You can use banners which describe your services in partly animated format. Text links are also a good option for advertising in internet marketing.

Thus it is quite clear that for achieving success in internet marketing world, blog creation and blog advertising are perhaps most economical and powerful options. Do it with an excellent method for knowledge sharing purpose!

Make Money From Blogs Using Blog Advertising Sites

Some people who do blogging earn money while doing the things they love. Some bloggers use their blog for personal matters and some purely for business matters. But blogging for business purposes needs you to be true on what you write about. So, it’s best if you write the things that you are expert in even when your blog is for business purposes.

It’s simple to open an account for free though it’s good enough if you purchase your own domain name. Update your blog daily by writing good quality content. Earn money from blogging is not just writing if you want to make money. You need to promote your own blog to produce traffic.

How to promote your blog? If you want to get noticed as well as get big traffic, submit your link post to different bookmarking websites, social media sites, search engines, etc. When you’ve worked on your blog traffic, it’s about time to earn money from your blog.

Advertising on blog is one way business people do to get them sales. Why? With the many informative content a blog can provide its readers and visitors, there’s no way they can’t make sales. Some bloggers join in some of the blog advertising sites where they bid or some wait for their blogs to be chosen by companies who are willing to pay for advertising their products or services. Go to search engines and use the keywords “blog advertising sites” or “blog advertising websites”.

Enjoy and have fun while you earn.

Make Money Blogging Through Blog Advertising

First of all, think about the niche that you are filling. Are you selling a product or offering a service? See which category it falls into then do a search for blogs that also serve the same niche that you are in. Aside from making sure that you are targeting the right people, you must make sure that the blog you are considering has a good following. This will mean a higher possibility of your advertising being seen by the targeted customers. If the blog is already blogging for money with advertising, then this means that the blogger is open to more advertisers. If the blog you found does not have any advertising, then you may also have the possibility of having exclusive advertising on that blog.

Bloggers who make money blogging are usually those who are already blogging about a particular topic. As an example, there are blogs who focus on health and fitness. Some blogs focus their posts on a specific product such as laptops and cell phones. This means that a blog’s readers are interested in the blog’s subject matter. Furthermore, if a specific product is already being promoted on the blog, this is an endorsement from a highly respected source. These are the kind of bloggers that you should consider approaching for your product.

Now that you know which bloggers to approach, you would want to think about the kind of advertising that you will be using. The most popular is the banner ad which is placed at the top of a web page. You can also have smaller ads created that the blogger blogging for money can place on their sidebars. However, the ‘click me’ advertising is not the only type of advertising that you can make use of. There are other subtle ways that you can do to advertise your business or your product. Another great way to promote a product is to ask a respected blogger to review it. A blogger who is considered an authority can post a review of your product on their blog and link to your website. This is also a great way to advertise your product or service.

Make Money on Blogging – Advertise, Advertise and Advertise

With more and more people going onto the Internet, there are now many ways for bloggers to directly make money on blogging. The major way to monetize your blog is by placing advertising on your site. This is feasible if your blog is highly popular or has attracted a loyal niche audience that regularly visits your blog.

Traditionally, advertisers pay you to run their ad on your site for a contracted period of time. But many advertisers now pay bloggers using a performance-based system. One system is pay-per-click, wherein you get paid every time a visitor to your site clicks on the ad. A blogger can also get paid based on the number of views the ad enjoys.

Aside from these systems, there are also affiliate programs wherein the blogger is paid whenever a visitor buys a product advertised on his site. This works particularly well with review sites, wherein the reviewer includes a link to an e-retailer along with his review. You can be paid a percentage of sales or earn a fee for every sale made.

One important consideration for the blogger in accepting advertisements is that it has to be for products and services he genuinely believes in and feels comfortable promoting. Otherwise, he could alienate his audience.

If you don’t feel comfortable about advertising, there are other ways you can make money on blogging. News or advocacy blogs can ask their readers for donations so that they can continue operating their site. You can also solicit sponsorships from patrons who might want to support the work your site is doing. Or if you feel that you have worthwhile content you can offer readers subscriptions that would allow them exclusive access to this content as well as other special features.

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Blogging – Advertising For Free On The Internet

How To Get Visible On The Internet by Blogging

The term “Blog” was not coined until the late 1990’s but the same form of communication on the internet dates back to the early 1980’s, in the form of CompuServe and Bulletin Board Systems just to name a couple.

For those of you too young to remember… before Windows… there was the big blue or black CompuServe screen, with everything written in DOS. That’s where I cut my teeth on computer communication technology.

As computers became more popular blogging became a way for people to tell their stories. Tell about life experiences, about things that bugged them, things that made them happy, things that made them sad. It became a simple form of communication that anyone with a computer and an internet connection could participate in. Reaching out to any and all that wanted to listen.

The Power of Blogging on the Internet Super Highway

With the onset of search engines in the early 1990’s (that’s a whole other history in itself), savvy business marketers soon discovered blogging as one of the best Internet marketing methods that didn’t cost a cent.

With the continuing development of search engines looking for more and more information came also the development of “robots” as they are called to search internet web pages for new and informative information.

And as writers continued to write about their interests their posts began to show up on the information super highway for FREE. And that is what is so powerful about blogging.

A Blog is nothing more than a web log. Basically, an online journal. And Blogging for your Internet business is one surefire way to boost the visibility of your products and services. As long as your post is online it is indexed by the search engines and anyone looking for what you are offering can find you through simple searches. That is why it is so powerful for free web traffic.

Untangling Blogging Terminology

Blogging and HTML and all the good stuff that goes into making a good blog is confusing to many people. And I was one of them. Yes, I could do HTML, I could publish websites and did it all the time, but I was not a big blogger, because I did not understand exactly what it was or how to do it.

And that’s a problem that many people have. I didn’t know what a “plug-in” was and spent hours trying to figure out what a “widget” was supposed to do. Then I got smart, and joined group that cleared it all up. And today you can find my post everywhere.

Even today search engines are turning up blog post’s that no longer exist. As an example, I have a blog that is totally undergoing renovation… nothing is on it. But blogs that I posted several months ago are still showing up in Google Searches. This is the positive power of blogging.

In the next few articles I am going to hopefully help clear some of the stuff that may be confusing to you, so that you have a better understanding of using blogging technology as a way to get seen on the internet.

100% Effective – Blogging Advertising

In order for blogging to be an effective tool it must be full of information that visitors are interested in and can use. There’s really nothing any worse than visiting of blog that has been abandoned and not kept up with. When visiting people want to see current information and often look at the dates of the last post, making it important to keep current and fresh information updated frequently.

Now that is not to say that the blogger must post something every day, however if they want increased traffic and better results it is a good idea. Blogging can work for any web site, business or individual, they just need to dedicate time and effort to make it happen.

Advertising in the form of blogging can be about anything. The post’s can be informative about products and services or additions that the business is in the process of making. It is not necessarily specific information that makes the blog successful, but rather information that helps visitors make the right choices about those products and services. Another factor that is important in the blogging world is that at least some of the posts should be something that anyone could use and not necessarily only something that they would find in that blog alone.

For example, a car dealership would primarily post information about vehicles, upcoming specials and issues relevant to the dealership itself. But, in order to keep visitors interest in and coming back, they may post information about current events, individuals that work for the dealership or other community driven information to break up the monotony and make the blog more user friendly.

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Blog Advertising Made Easy With 3 Simple HTML Tags

Web masters and bloggers often ignore tags because those tags are used too extensively and they generated no result in the past. In the old days, web masters and bloggers did not really understand how important tags were and how to use these tags, therefore the value of tags is often overlooked. However, if we use tags correctly, it can help in your blog advertising campaign and drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

How to use tags – A Step By Step Blueprint

The most important thing is to choose your keywords carefully.

Remember, there are thousands of blogs coming up to the Internet every day, and waiting for people to come to visit their blogs. That means, even if you are targeting a very small market, you should expect that there will be some blogs which are already there talking about the same thing as you did. Therefore, if you want to stand out in the competition, the most important thing will be to target some highly searched, less competitive keywords.

To find such keywords, you can do a search in Google using phrase search. That means you use a double quote (“) to quote your word and start searching. If the total number of pages returned is 30,000 or less, this will be a good keyword.

Once you have identified your keyword, the next step is to utilize three tags so as to tell search engine what your blog is all about. There three tags are: title tag, keywords tag and description tag. While title tag is a HTML tag written as , keywords and description tags are Meta tag written as and .

The title tag: On each blog entry you are strongly suggested to put your keyword in title tag like your keyword here. Your title should correctly reflect what your web page is all about. Since search engine pays high attention to your title tag, it is very important to construct it carefully and have search engine to index your site correctly. User will also be able to find your website based on the keyword you are targeting.

The description tag: Main search engine like Google will still pay attention to this tag. Actually the same rule is applied here; your keywords should be included in description. In the search engine result page, the keyword being searched will be highlighted by search engine so that user can find out easily. Users who see the highlighted keyword will click and go to your website.

The keywords tag: The keywords tag is used to notify web crawlers on what your page is about. However, there were some web masters who did not know how to use this tag and they put all keywords inside, even if it is not related to the blog post. It is common for them not to get any result! Actually, putting around 7 -10 keywords will be enough.

One more remark on keywords: it is totally OK to combine keywords together, or having more than one word as keywords. In many cases, multiple-words tag is more effective than single tag, because single keyword is often very competitive. For example, it is better to target “modern sheet music” then just “music”. Actually your blog will be shown up much easier if your blog post is targeting “modern sheet music”;

Do not overuse tags

Tag will be overused if you are not careful, just like what web masters did in the past. Sometimes you may find yourself using too many tags that have only little or even no relation to your blog. It happens because you do not want to miss any chance of listing your blog. Remember that putting too many keywords is no use, or even counter-productive because search engine may not know what your blog really means. Instead, focusing your keyword on 7 – 10 highly targeted keyword will be the most effective.